Fuck All The Stupid People

Rocio, 16. Orgullo argentino. Me gusta estar sola, escuchar musica, leer y dormir. La gente me satura. Voy a morir soltera rodeada de 25 gatos. Me gusta caminar bajo la lluvia. El Karma me odia. Simple Plan, Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember.

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Guys guys holy shit one day when we are all old and start to die on the news there’s going to be ‘last remaining person alive from the 1900’s has died’ BECAUSE ONE OF US IS GOING TO BE THE LAST PERSON ALIVE FROM WHEN THE YEARS BEGAN WITH A ‘1’ AND ITS PROBABLY GONNA BE A BIG THING THIS FEELS WEIRD


obviously youre lookin for a competition and im winning

let the hunger games begin

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